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Work In Progress, 2016

Synthesis, 2015
(Installation, objects, letters, 600 photos)


Photobook Synthesis II

Photobook Synthesis I


Black & White


Dancing in Time, 2015
(Mat Black & White print, Wood, 60x40).
About past, present, time.

Expo: RIOT, Tumult 2015, Gent

Weemoed, 2014
(Installation, car trunk, nylon, camera obscura, French paperclip, rice paper).
About desire, melancholy, life & death.

Expo: Academie, Gent

Het Vijfde Seizoen, 2014
(series of images of 'in-between' locations, shot during 6 months, composed and modified as surreal landscape. With fieldrecordings.)

Expo: Zebrastraat, Gent, Artist of the month 02/2015

False Belief, 2014
(series about taxidermy, between reality and surreality, life & death)

Expo: Tumult, 2014
Expo: Zebrastraat, Gent, Artist of the month 02/2015

Last Waltz, 2014
(series about the last hours of the last 10 Days Off, a festival on electronic music that stopped after 20 years in 2014)

Achterblijver, 2013
(Installation, Family portraits, beamer, archive pictures in loop, about growing up in a disappearing family)

Expo: Academie, Gent

Record Collectors, 2012
(17 collectors, 5-6 pictures each, focus on the collection, the person, the interior, presented in a record sleeve in a vinyl box)

Expo: Academie, 2013, Gent
Expo: Bonnefooi, 2013, Brussel

Kortrijksesteenweg, 2012
(series of 44 pictures, book ltd #1, see movie here)